Mike Ayzvazyan's Art Therapy for the Participants of the 44-day War

14 July 2023

A seminar was held for the participants of the 44-day war at the “Aren Mehrabyan” Charitable Foundation, which was conducted by Mike Ayvazyan, an expressive art therapist from Lebanon. Art Therapy means treatment through art and it is widely used all over the world. Mike Ayvazyan has many years of experience in treating soldiers with post-traumatic stress disorder. The means of art therapy are carving on wood, sculpturing, painting, knitting etc.

During the seminar, which was accompanied by music, the participants were asked to draw on paper, enabling them to express themselves and discover themselves through art.

Using the drawing process with participants allowed them to explore their fantasies and imaginations and helped them to have peace of mind.

The most impressive were the game processes and breathing exercises with participants, which made the participants even more excited. At the end of the seminar, Mike Ayvazyan advised to find courage and overcome difficulties, relieve stressful situations, relieve mental tension, particularly do a lot of sports, physical exercises, listen to music, dance, paint, spend more time with relatives and friends.