From Beneficiary to Trainer

15 February 2023

22-year old Vahagn Atoyan is a graduate of “Aren Mehrabyan” Charitable Foundation, who is the best example of his hard work. Vahagn was a talented child, had childhood dreams, who got an education, fulfilled his duty to the motherland by serving in the Artsakh Defense Army, and at this moment works in “Aren Mehrabyan” Charitable Foundation, trying to make his dreams and goals come true.  Now more detailed.  

Vahagn was born in Yerevan. He was a very active and talented child. His childhood dream was to become an astronaut, he liked to make cardboard spaceships, collect constructors and planes. Vahagn attended the secondary school of Malatia-Sebastia community, then continued his education at high school #105, trying to specialize in the field of economics. However, while studying at high school, he realized that the profession of economist was not for him.

Since his love for programming was great, in summer, 2019 Vahagn entered to the Yerevan State Polytechnic University, IT Department, but like many of his peers, he started to serve in Artsakh Defense Army, for two years in the second military unit of Martuni, Artsakh. The service was interesting, he served as a calculating artillery. During his service he liked to read books, the most interesting and impressive was the book “The Richest Man of Babylon”, which had an impact on his worldview, and at this moment he is guided by the laws of that book.

In 2020, he participated in the 44-day Artsakh war, Vahagn didn’t want to talk about the war, because memories of war are very painful for him…..

After completing his service in the army, in September 2021, Vahagn started his studies at the Yerevan State Polytechnic University with great expectations, but a year later, due to his expectations not being met, he left his studies unfinished. Vahagn's goal was to be in the IT field, specifically in programming.

In February 2022, after learning about the activities of the "Aren Mehrabyan" charitable foundation.

Vahagn applied for and participated in four-month Web programming courses of the Foundation, during which he learnt the Java Script programming language, after successfully completing the courses, he received a graduation certificate. Wishing to further develop his knowledge in programming, Vahagn his education at the four-month Backend programming language courses organized by the Foundation.

The "Training of Trainers" model was applied in the "Aren Mehrabyan" Foundation, that is, the graduates educated at the Foundation were given the opportunity to teach. An evaluation committee composed of leading specialists in the field of programming was formed, who, after examining and checking the candidates' knowledge, nominated Vahagn Atoyan to teach Web programming at the "Aren Mehrabyan" Foundation. From January 2023, our Vahagn started teaching Web programming in one of the Java Script language groups.


Speaking about human and spiritual values, Vahagn values ​​honesty and loyalty in a person. Vahagn is very kind and friendly. He considers his friends his second family. He likes to visit the historical and cultural places of Armenia, where there is history and cultural heritage, and he told an interesting story from his life.

When he was serving in Artsakh, before the war, his commander took his soldiers to the Martakert region to see the Tigranakert fortress, behind the fortress there is a high mountain and on top of the mountain, there is an old church, to reach which you have to climb with ropes. Due to safety rules, the commander forbids his soldiers to climb the mountain. And here Vahagn told about his lifelong dream: that is to climb Mountain Ararat one day.

Vahagn believes that by acquiring new knowledge in the field of programming, one can have clear goals, which he likes to achieve first and then talk about it.