The very interesting, useful and long-awaited course "Soft skills" by Anna Konjoryan, Human Resource Management Specialist of "Synergy Armenia" at the "Aren Mehrabyan" Foundation

5 January 2023

On December 27, 2022, Anna Konjoryan, Human Resources Management Specialist from Synergy International Systems, presented a very interesting and useful course on “Soft Skills”. The course took place in “Aren Mehrabyan” charitable foundation, which was organized by “Enterprises Incubator Foundation” under the “Workforce Development in Armenia” program. The course was organized for the graduates of the Java Script, Frontend and Backend Programming groups of the “Aren Mehrabyan” charitable foundation.  During the course, Anna Konjoryan introduced the participants the skills of getting hired in IT sector, preparing the right CV, preparing for the interview, healthy relationships in the team, managing time correctly, succeeding at work, and overcoming difficulties. 

The participants were more inspired of team work organized by Anna Konjoryan, during which they were divided into three groups, presenting their knowledge and abilities, particularly when preparing CV, which points to pay attention to, how to study correctly, study skills, engage in self-education, focus and evaluate the role of knowledge, not to be afraid of mistakes and ask advice from professionals, apply knowledge in practice.  

The participants were also introduced to the possibilities of Linkedin, including the types of IT companies: product-creating companies, hardware and software, start-up companies, various specialties in the IT sector, how to create a product, how to be competitive and the skills to increase competitiveness.

More interesting was the presentation of people-centered values, how people are important in healthy working relationships. 

At the end of the course, the participants get introduced with coaching, the graduates will be more competitive in Armenian labor market thanks to the knowledge they have acquired.