The long-awaited guest of “Aren Mehrabyan” charitable foundation was Vardan Petrosyan

13 November 2022

The long-awaited guest of “Aren Mehrabyan” charitable foundation was Vardan Petrosyan, our favorite actor, and artist. Participants of the event welcomed enthusiastically the great actor.  Vardan’s speech title was “Yesterday, today and tomorrow”. It is worth mentioning that Aren Mehrabyan was a great fan of Vardan Petrosyan since he was a child, he was present in all his performances with love and appreciation for his human nature, the flexibility of mind, profound humor, and patriotism.   

ardan’s art is unique. His speech was seasoned with memories of his childhood and youth. The source of inspiration in his life was the world-famous singer Charles Aznavour. He shared unforgettable memories of Aznavour with the participants. 

Vardan Petrosyan introduced the example of his own life, his sufferings, and the difficulties that he had to overcome.  He told how he moved to France, learned French, worked day and night, how appearing in French theater was a different world, realizing what is his destiny.  

During his speech, we didn’t see an actor-showman, a joker, or an urban satire, we saw a simple and close person. 

The actor who turned from an actor into a spiritual preacher encouraged the participants of the event that having a dream in life and making that dream a goal is how important for an individual.

This very interesting and remarkable speech ended with a question and answer with Vardan Petrosyan. They were not ordinary answers, they were the right advice of a great artist to make people live long, love life, not be afraid of trials, and most importantly, communicate with people who have the motivation for life.